June 2019

Summer BOD


From January 1 until summer you probably hear about “summer bod” “beach body” “bikini body”  also if you live in the Northeast then all of that seems so distant (because we pretty much have 4-5 more months of sweater weather) then it’s here . . .the first BBQ party, the first pool party, the games [...]

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April 2019



  Hips!     Does your back, knee, feet hurt? Are you having any issues south of the border? Hehe (sorry couldn’t help it). Well, of course seek out professional advice and don’t ignore pain or increasing issues but . . .those pesky hips could be the issue. Came across and article that says “our [...]

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March 2019

Drink more water….starting 4 days ago


Dehydration Facts and Athletic Performance   We discussed hydration facts and how amazing drinking water is for your body. Not soda, not redbull, not coffee, not sports drinks . ..water my friends . . good ole water.   So what about dehydration? - it nasty and does bad, bad things. Dehydration isn’t being in the [...]

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February 2019

Water…it’s not just for making margaritas!!


This post is about hydration (hint, a post about dehydration may be on the way). Captain America is right on about water consumption. Small and consistent hydration will keep you healthy and hydrated. If you chug a bunch of water before a workout or all of a sudden you realize you forgot to drink water [...]

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Should I invest in a weightlifting belt???


Should I invest in a weightlifting belt??? So you are in it - in it being the beautiful, magical and frustrating world of lifting heavy shit. It could be power lifting or oly or crossfit or machines at your local gym. You hopefully started slow but now are challenging yourselves a bit more. First - [...]

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January 2019

What is scaling???


What is scaling? You may hear this term when you need to modify a workout and it may still seem a bit hazy as to what it means. So you go to any gym and they post a workout or tell you at the start of class . . .you hear something like pull-ups, pushups, [...]

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It sometimes sucks…so what!!


First off  - who DOESN’T like a Rocky quote?!? The best. Let me ask this – are you wondering if you can make it to the gym, yoga, spin, crossfit class tmrw? Are you still coming off the holidays and you are going to start fresh on Monday . . .Wednesday . .. ok the [...]

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December 2018

Travel WODS Of Awesomeness


This week coming up will hopefully be full of lots of laughs, love and time spent with those people that mean the most. That all being said it may also mean a lack of time for self care and let’s face it . . .holidays are magical but they are times where we all tell [...]

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Food Glorious food! Am-I-Rite?! Well yes food is glorious but the food that goes down our gullet affects our gut. I imagine you have heard a lot lately about gut health. With the rise of people being diagnosed or deciding to eliminate grains, dairy, gluten from their diet more information has been coming our regarding [...]


May 2018

Training/Wellness when Old-AF


Older Athletes- Use it or Lose it   Whether you just reached the Master’s category or you’ve been considered “seasoned” for a while now, it’s possible that you’ve experienced some shifts to your overall wellness and have had to make some changes to your approach to training and recovery as a result. CrossFit measures health [...]

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