You got to the gym….

Saw the workout. Now you have some time to kill before class starts and the time spent standing around listening to the coach breakdown the workout/movements.

Question – how are you spending that found time? Yep – that is found time. The most precious commodity in your day – time. So what are you doing to prepare for the workout? It’s usually not a lot of time but mobilizing at all can carry over to helping you prepare for the workout.

Looking at your phone while sitting in a chair is  – let’s face it – ridiculous.

Grab a foam roller. Start to roll out your body.

Wrist stretches. Get those wrists moving.

Get that downward dog on and get those legs moving.

Every minute you have before 3,2,1 go is an opportunity to get blood flowing. Jump on a cardio machine that isn’t being used.

Even when the coach is speaking – move around. Stretch out. We tend to stay stuck and let people give us permission to move. You have permission! It’s your body!

The coaches have a limited amount of time to spend on warmups as well. They are managing people, equipment and time. So be smart about those few minutes you have!