HIIT / Boot Camp at our gym in Albany, New York

Transform Your Body, No Barbells Required…
It’s time to get strong.
Our 50 minute Shatter Fitness class has been designed to be the ultimate blend of metabolic conditioning, building muscle, and getting strong.

Workouts Designed With Your Goals In Mind

-Our coaches will help with modifications, weight choices, and get you moving with your goals in mind.
We will build the workouts, you just need to walk through the door.

No More Guessing:

Our coaches are here so that you can take the guess work out of “what to do next”. Every part of the class is designed so that you succeed. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced lifter, you’ll find a challenge that’s tailored to your need and keep you coming back ready for more.

Smarter and Harder:

Challenge your muscles to adapt and grow stronger over time by gradually increasing the resistance and intensity of your workouts. With our progressive overload approach, you’ll continually push your limits and break through plateaus to achieve your strength and fitness goals.

This Is For YOU!!
Our workouts are designed for beginners, competitive lifters, and all those in-between. We set you up for success on day 1!

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