Oriana Kiley

Originally from Queens/Long Island (holler!), I moved to the Capital Region when I started at Albany Law School in 2009. After which, I found a job and met my hubby – have stayed here ever since.

I had been working with a trainer for a while, but plateaued and wasn’t feeling satisfied with my workouts. My brother is a CrossFitter at CF Sanctuary and I decided to go with him, just to watch, while visiting. I fell in love with the energy and community – the athletes were sweaty and dead after a killer workout, but still laughing and slapping high fives – it looked awesome! Two days later, I signed up with the CrossFit closest to where I was living, and never looked back!

My favorite movement to teach is all things barbell! And my secret talent – I played the piano and studied music theory consistently from the time I was 5 until I graduated high school.