Onramp – Beginners

CrossFit Beginners Near Me In Colonie, New York

Our 101 program is perfect for those who have never done CrossFit, welcoming adults of all levels of fitness, and serves as a great refresher for those who have been away from the Sport of Fitness for a while.

The 101 consists of five 60-minute sessions. A coach will teach the foundational movements used in CrossFit, as well as review your range of motion and provide various scaling measures to get you moving safely. Following the instruction portion of each class, participants will complete a CrossFit-style workout. We guarantee you will get sweaty and have fun!

Once you are competent in the movements we use daily in CrossFit, you will graduate to our regular CrossFit classes and get the full CrossFit experience!

***Class attendance is required! Participants are required to attend all classes. We allow for one missed class with 24 hours’ prior notice, if the class is rescheduled with the 101 coach at the coach’s convenience. In the event of a no-call/no-show, the participant will either be asked to start again in the following month or forfeit their payment. Your time is valuable, and so is ours. Do not waste it.***


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