You should diet to “be healthy”

You should eliminate gluten, dairy, meat, pizza, beer, chocolate to “be healthy”

You should do it because the opposite is literally killing you!!

The term “be healthy” is thrown around a lot  – you can’t go anywhere without seeing it and some new fad to help you get it.

So being healthy just doesn’t faze you or motivate you because DING DING!! Being healthy looks and feels different for EVERY SINGLE PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just like body type is an individual thing.

So here are some things that may motivate you when you decide to eat more whole foods and exercise (btw it is ok to start one and incorporate the other) maybe exercise is something you can start and you’ll find you naturally want to start to eat for performance which usually means cutting out processed foods.

You will have more energy – if you are just starting yeah – the truth is you may feel like poo a little. Get to sleep earlier, drink more water and give it 2-4 weeks. Seriously, it’s just a transitional period and then you will have so much energy.

Your mind will be less fuzzy – you’ll be more on point and efficient at work and in your personal life.

It can help with depression. Studies continue to come out proving that food and diet have a huge impact on depression and exercise too will help get those happy endorphins going. You may also find you build a community and support system at your gym, or team sport or your fitness class. A natural side effect of being at a gym is connection.

Your skin looks better – your skin will improve because 1- you have better blood flow if you exercise or if you are eating fewer processed food and eating more vegetables and whole foods you are going to look better. Also you are probably drinking a lot more water. Our bodies love that and our skin reflects that by improving its texture and overall look.

Walking up stairs and being the only one not wanting to die! Sometimes it’s those moments when you say to yourself . .. hmmm, I actually am improving and it feels good to not feel like crap just doing simple tasks. Be careful though – as you become a buff muscle machine you may be the first person asked to help people move heavy furniture 🙂

Pulling, pushing, lifting . all gets easier. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t at some point need to do your basic movement to function. Do you want to be that person who strains themselves picking up a freaking bag of groceries? Nope.

Less medical bills!!!!!!!! I want you to take a moment and recall needing to make an appointment at the doctors., go to the office, wait, wait some more, wait a little more, see the doctor for 5 minutes, get some pills, go to the store, read the frightening side effects of said drug, take it and hope it helps.

You will see so much less of these moments.

You will inspire others. You never know who may look at you and think . . if they did it maybe I can. Be the person who others come to for positive changes.