And just like that, The Open is Closed. We made it through 5 grueling weeks of WODs from Castro and HQ. We saw dumbbells in the Open for the first time (twice), crushed some bar muscle-ups, had a repeat from last year and ended the season with thrusters.

17.5 was like Fran on Crack. If you were able to finish under the time cap, you completed 90 thursters (at Fran weight for the RX folks, and twice the reps) and 350 double unders, for a total of 440 reps!

The Dottirs may have wanted to kill Castro…

The Shatter Team climbed a few more spots to finish the Open in 74th in the Region! We were also ranked 26th in NY, 539th in the US, and 812 Worldwide! 4,177 teams registered this year, so that puts Shatter in the top 19% WORLDWIDE!  This is incredible stuff guys, and we literally couldn’t have done it without all you and your hard work!!

On top for RX athletes in 17.5:

Coach Kyle with a time of 10:14
JJ 10:40
Matt 11:04

Jessica C 10:20
Rochelle 10:24
and Patty flew into the top 6 with a time of 11:29!

Top Scaled scores this week go to Scott with a time of 11:32 and Marlo with a lightning fast 9:20!

Shout out to the Masters Athletes (age 35+) in Shatter who came in and tackled this year’s Open alongside people (sometimes) half their age with no fear and nothing but determination and grit! Shane, Rich, Sarah I, Donna, Gabby R, and Marlo took on the Open with reckless abandon, and proved that age is nothing but a number! Don’t worry guys, over the next 5 years the Masters numbers will sky rocket at Shatter! Special props go to the Mother/Daughter team of Donna and Katie and their loving, friendly rivalry… sorry Katie, but mom got you this year! 🙂

We couldn’t be more proud of ALL of our athletes, registered or not, who came in on Fridays to blow these WODs out of the water! Your training has paid off! You’ve trusted the process, you’ve come in day after day to lift heavy and work on your skills, you’ve taken the time to get better, and it all shows! Thank you also to everyone who took time to judge your fellow athletes, and to everyone who came to Friday Night Lights and helped things run smoothly!

Continue crushing it over the course of the next year, hone those skills!, and let’s see how far we can ride this crazy train in 2018!