“[My son] and I are watching the CrossFit games on tv (women’s even was on at the moment) and [he] said ‘hey dad what if [my sister] competed on this?’ [My daughter] was in another room and ran out to see what was on and got super excited and said she wants to. As I write this it may not seem that exciting to you but if you could have seen the excitement and enthusiasm in her face you’d know what I mean/ So I just thought you’d like to hear that and I realize how kids are but am hoping this turns into something serious and will encourage and if it does would love for her to train under you for as long and as far as she so desires. Thanks for the positive influence in our lives and being so helpful!”

“Last year I moved back to Albany and joined a running group. I fell in love with the community and the support. I knew I needed to add some strength training into my routine. I tried out several places in the area. The workouts were hard and a good challenge, but I couldn’t find the same community vibe that I had found from my running group. I then signed up for a six week trial at Shatter. I have not looked back since! From the moment I stepped foot into the Shattersphere I was welcomed, pushed, and encouraged beyond any expectation I had for a gym. I dropped nearly 2 minutes off my two mile time trial in six weeks and feel stronger and faster now more than ever. I can’t wait to see where this journey leads me. So grateful to have Shane and the rest of the Shatter community now a part of my life.” -Katie


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