From January 1 until summer you probably hear about “summer bod” “beach body” “bikini body”  also if you live in the Northeast then all of that seems so distant (because we pretty much have 4-5 more months of sweater weather) then it’s here . . .the first BBQ party, the first pool party, the games and events outside and it’s time to shed those layers of clothing and see what you’ve been up to.



First and foremost – enjoy your summer. PLEASE don’t let where you are at in your fitness or body stop you from living life.

Go on that hike or kayak or wear that bikini. Being confident and comfortable in your skin and living your life is super important. Eating well and working out is supposed to enhance your life not be a punishment. If you didn’t get to the gym and eat well . . then maybe it’s time to evaluate why you may not be making space and time in your life for that.

Crossfit Shatter has a staff of coaches that can talk with you and help you figure out what you need. If that’s crossfit, or a bootcamp class or one on one coaching. We have that. Maybe you need data – we have the InBody Scan – Inbody takes literally 5 minutes and gives you so much information that can be a foundation to work from. Including BMI, detailed information about the muscle, fat and water in your body. We recommend doing another InBody 3 months after the first one to see your results and to give you the opportunity to see where you can tweak your fitness and eating to get to your next goals.

Need some ideas on nutrition.


The hardest words to say sometimes are “I need help”  it is totally ok to feel overwhelmed and not know. Ask for help. Whether it’s a local nutritionist or at a gym. No one should make you feel like you have to sign up or buy in and no one can guarantee results. But the right person will empower you with the motivation to work for what you want. But that only works if you are willing to, it’s not magic it is dedication and work ethic.


Being healthy surpasses summer bods . . .but being healthy has this side effect of giving you a summer bod you are happy with. Summer Abs is just another way of saying – HEY YOU! YOU DESERVE TO BE HEALTHY!!!!!! It’s not indulgent to take time for your health, it’s not selfish to set boundaries with friends and family and eat healthy or make time to exercise.


Remember summer bod means being at the beach, being on vacation, going camping. All that work you put in all year to pay for time outside or sightseeing. You need to be healthy to enjoy those things.


Don’t let social media dictate what is acceptable in how you look but instead focus on how it feels to move, exercise, be able to keep up with kids or grandkids, hike that trail, try SUP or kayaking.


Embrace your body by embracing your health.