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This past Saturday, September 12th, Jessica and Cean went to Syracuse, NY to compete in the Orange Elite Strongman competition. This meet not only had some of the best Strongman athletes in the state, but throughout the nation as well. The five max effort events for the day included a yoke walk, max axle deadlift for reps, stone over bar, duallie truck hand over hand pull and standing log press.

Watch Jessica pull a truck here!


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After a long day, Cean landed just shy of the podium, taking 4th. Cean said, “It could have been anyone’s game out of the 12 of us. One guy with two 1st place finishes ended the day in 8th.” At the end of the day, Jessica was in a tie for first place (which is a very rare occurrence)! To determine who came out on top, Jessica and her competitor were pit against each other in a 400 pound tire flip- max reps in 60 seconds. After a coin toss, Jess was to go second. Her competitor, weighing under 140 pounds, flipped the tire an incredible eight times! Jessica needed nine reps to win. After throwing the tire six times as if it weighed nothing, she slowed slightly for reps seven and eight. With plenty of time, and only one more rep needed, Jessica made another attempt. Exhausted from the previous events of the day, she dropped the tire! Cean was there to give her a little motivation (and man a camera to catch the whole thing), knowing that if anyone was capable of getting one more rep, it was Jessica! She got the tire, weighing three times her body weight, to her hip, and as if battling to slay a Titan, got the tire up and over to take the win! Jessica takes first place and earns a trip to Nationals!!

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We’re so proud of both of you!! We can’t wait to see what comes next from Cean, Jessica and the rest of the Tuesday Strongman crew at Shatter!!

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