Shane Healy

Owner at CrossFit Shatter

How do we make this easier???That is a question that I have been asked numerous times. The simple, quick answer is that life isn’t always easy and it doesn’t always allow us the time we need to do the things that we want to do. We are continually dodging curve balls. Here are some quick, simple items and tips that can help make the macro counting and prepping a little easier.
You can save money when you buy and store foods in bulk. Most of us are privileged to have some sort of large scale food store near us (Sams club, B.J.s, Etc). It may suck now but long term it will be very beneficial.
Second: Go buy a TON of Tupperware.
Thankfully the places that sell our food usually also sell large boxes of Tupperware. Buy the assorted size box and don’t be cheap. Great Tupperware is worth it weight in gold.
Third: Get a crockpot.
If you don’t know what this is then google it. If you already know then you need to have this. This man-made device will save you countless hours of cooking and make your life easier which is the goal.
Fourth and Fifth: GET A CROCK POT
Sixth: Make a game plan.
Have an idea of what you want to cook and attack. Don’t over think it. Simple works every time.
Seventh: Try to save some time and meal prep on the weekends.
Most of us have a little more time over the weekend, so make some time and cook big. This will greatly lower your meal prep stress levels early in the week.
Good luck and crush it. Don’t stress if all doesn’t go as planned, simply adjust and keep pushing forward.
Eat healthy, Be more