Scott M

stars“I’ve been a member of Shatter now going on three years. I  was 49 yrs old when I first went there to do a six week challenge.  Being in Law enforcement, I’ve always been a gym nut, but wanted a change. A friend suggested CrossFit, so when I saw the challenge on FB I decided to do it. I remember when I first walked into Shatter and met Shane. His energy and enthusiasm was through the roof. He made me feel as though we had been friends forever.  There were many people there different in age, male, female etc. First and foremost,  anytime a new person comes to the gym there’s always a big introduction and welcome. During the six week challenge, each movement was explained and demonstrated.  The coaches were extremely helpful and worked with you at your ability level. They kept the energy high and motivated all of us. I began to work on nutrition with Shane, and he set me up with a schedule.  In a short time, I could see the changes, I was losing weight and gaining muscle. By the end of the six week challenge I had lost 20 lbs and Holy shit I could see my abs!!!! It was then that I knew this was my new norm and I joined shatter to continue my fitness journey.  Now three years later at age 51, I’m in the best shape of my life. I’ve competed in different CrossFit competitions and continue to advance my knowledge in exercise and nutrition.  Shatter is my home away from home and we’re all one big family. I would like to become a CrossFit coach and show people that at any age with hard work and dedication anything is possible.”

-Scott M.