Shane Healy

Owner at CrossFit Shatter

Quick and easy seems to be most popular (and I don’t blame you). This chicken salad will come together quickly so you can get on with your busy life. Minimal ingredients and minimal time needed to get it done. And its TASTY!!

Ready to Go Rotisserie Chicken (you know, the kind that’s already done at Price Chopper…)
One Avocado (one avocado per chicken usually does the trick)
Mayo (optional; if you’ve got soft, ripe avocados, you might not want the mayo)
Salt and Pepper, to taste
Seasoning (we usually go for onion and garlic powder. we’ve also added cilantro, which is amazing. Is bacon a seasoning? Chicken, bacon, avocado…. think about it… )

Pull the chicken apart, shred or chop, and put into a bowl. Half the avocado, de-pit, and cube; add to the chicken. If you’re adding mayo, do that at this point. Start to mix your ingredients, adding the seasonings of choice to taste. And eat. Boom. Done.

We eat this straight out of the bowl, on a roll, on toast…