The name protein is derived from the Greek word “protos”, meaning first, primary, or most important.

Getting plenty of protein has many advantages:

1.) protein has a higher thermic effect — our bodies have to “rev up” to digest it (you’ll know this if you’ve ever gotten the “meat sweats” after a big steak);…
2.) protein makes people feel fuller, longer.
3.) protein helps people retain lean mass (translates to higher metabolism)

How much protein is enough??

1.) for sedentary individuals it is said that as little as 0.35g per pound of body weight is sufficient top prevent protein deficiency (not recommended).
2.) for moderately active individuals, 0.5-0.75g per pound of body weight.
3.) for active individuals that participate in high intensity training, a minimum should be 1.0g per pound of body weight.

This does not mean you HAVE to get a scale. While a scale is the best, most precise option, and we know that precision is key, it is not a must.
A great rule of thumb for men is two palm-sized portions of meat per meal and for women its a palm-sized portion per meal.

Note: a palm-sized portion is the same thickness and diameter as your palm.

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