First off  – who DOESN’T like a Rocky quote?!? The best.

Let me ask this – are you wondering if you can make it to the gym, yoga, spin, crossfit class tmrw? Are you still coming off the holidays and you are going to start fresh on Monday . . .Wednesday . .. ok the following week? It happens. And you know what – it’s ok. Sometimes motivating to get the gym is hard and sucks. Go watch Rocky, Prefontaine, Miracle. Find something that will freaking INSPIRE you.

Make a goal – run that 5k with a friend in the spring. Did you know there are so many for great causes and that makes it so much better knowing that YOU are helping someone. Try a class at your local Crossfit box. Ummm guys – crossfitters are the friendliest people ever. We LOVE when new people come in and just do a WOD with us and we all are in it together during that hard moment mid workout. When you stop and look around you and see other people working their asses off . . .THAT will inspire you.

Some practical things –pack the gym bag!! DUH. Always pack the bag with your gear.

Drive to the gym, yoga studio, track. Just drive there.  Well – you’re there now . . .it would be dumb not to go. Right?

Call a friend – make sure you keep yourselves accountable. Buddy System.

Keep a log – track your workout. See what happens in a month after you have been going consistently. Be a data nerd and go full on excel with tracking. Or use an app 😀😈👽

Watch how damn good you look after getting that blood flowing, drinking all that water, sweating out toxins.

Working on your health is self care not selfish. You are totally worth it.

And let’s be honest…the opposite of healthy is sick and sick sucks.

So get over the suck of getting to the gym.