Anyone else do this? We are surrounded by grocery stores and convenience meals (usually loaded with sodium) and recipes online and bloggers who post food and Pinterest  – so why is meal prep so hard? I’ll tell you why – we are the busiest generation and our lives are non stop movement. Movement as in from the moment we wake up we are going until late at night. Kids are more busy with sports and clubs, adults are working longer hours and are connected to work past 5pm and trying to do pursue their own interests and many people work multiple jobs. It’s crazy. So if you aren’t able to do be a meal prep boss like you see everyone else do – it’s ok. 


Woof – so much going on in our lives.So there are options! There are sooooooo many meal delivery services. Ones where you order the ingredients and cook or ones that just have the meals ready for you – 

Food Therapy is a local meal delivery service now being offered at Crossfit Shatter – the company was started by someone with a passion for food, working out and fueling people for life and a wod.

The food is delicious – the butternut squash lasagna is something everyone needs to try -so good! Seriously . .it’s amazing.

The options change so you never get bored. The macros are broken down for you – if you track it then it is easy to input the information. The meals are decent sizes and you can choose a larger portion when ordering. 


What does this mean – you can still be accountable for the food you are eating. Maybe you have a really busy week coming up or travel . .order the food you need to get yourself through that week. Stay on track – don’t let a busy week turn into letting your healthy eating go to heck.

Also – they have vegetarian options as well! And breakfast! 


Sometimes you don’t have a few hours to shop, meal prep or you just don’t enjoy it. Let someone else do it for you. Our lives are busy and hectic but when you hear people say there is no excuse to eat well. Well – they are pretty much spot on. We make choices everyday and to fuel ourselves well for life and fitness is a choice. If it doesn’t fit in your lifestyle to do it yourself – there is this amazing option. Check it out! Come pick up your food at Crossfit Shatter!