Grab Accountability by the privates

//Grab Accountability by the privates

Grab Accountability by the privates

You Got Your Goal…Now What?

Ways to Hold Yourself Accountable

STOP Putting if Off

Stop waiting and coming up with 2,397,754 reasons why you can’t start tomorrow.

(Fire = goal. You = starting your goal. Light it up)



Have a Plan


What are you doing each day to get towards your goal? If you don’t know, research and ask for help!


Plan Your Week


Things come up, that’s life. Knowing what you’re doing each day that will put yourself towards your goal, will prevent last minute scrambling of trying to get things done.

Scrambling = stress = no work done = bitter downward cycle.

Find a Friend


Use a friend to make sure you’re sticking too you goal. It’s helpful if your friend has a goal, and it doesn’t have to be the same goal! If you’re both working towards something, that’s enough to keep pushing each other.