Food Glorious food! Am-I-Rite?! Well yes food is glorious but the food that goes down our gullet affects our gut. I imagine you have heard a lot lately about gut health. With the rise of people being diagnosed or deciding to eliminate grains, dairy, gluten from their diet more information has been coming our regarding gut health.

It is SUPER important. Now set aside what you have heard about food allergies. That is a whole different bag of apples. Gut health is affects how we perform, how we feel and also our emotions.

Gut health can have a direct link to our emotional health. Think about this – you are probably bombarded by cookies and treats right now everywhere you go and so you have a day that you indulge. You get that super high from the treats – they are tasty, you’re socializing, and its SUGAR…amazing sugar hitting all those sweet spots. WOOHOO!! SUGAR!!!!! Then you crash  -energy crashes and you may feel cranky and it may even affect feeling depressed.

So here are some food that can help offset all that

Protein – get some good protein in. If you are a omnivore then grab some Meat sticks at Trader Joe’s or some jerky (they have many varieties) or an Epic Bar. All tasty and high in protein. Make sure meals have 4-6 oz lean protein at least. You can make a green smoothie too (veggies and protein!) If you are not a meat eater prepare some tofu (very good in the air fryer btw) Go Macro Bar, Square Organics Bars. This will keep you feeling satiated.

Vitamins! Please check your Vitamin D with a Dr if possible. We are deficient here in the Northeast and honestly we all need to supplement Vitamin D.

Folate and B-12 can help with mood as well. Greens, broccoli, oatmeal.

Fiber! Get those juices flowing (sorry, not sorry) seriously get your colon moving and operating. Complex Carbs slow the absorption of sugar so it will help alleviate that mood swing.

Healthy foods will also help serotonin levels which is that sweet spot to keep your mood up.

The big one is  – no soda. Soda (diet too) does NOTHING for you. It has no benefits. Sorry, not sorry. There is about a bazillion flavors of seltzer so please cut that out.

When we have a clear mind we can address underlying issues that could be affecting our mood. Here is this – write down how you feel after each day with eating for the next two weeks. Reflect on how you felt after overindulging (because it will happen at least once for most of us) then see how your mood is on a day where you were able to get some better food options in.

Super Sarah