Front squat
2×5 @ 65%
[email protected] 70%

Skill: 50 T-2-B as fast as possible

For time
50 wall balls
1000m row
50 wall balls
2k assault bike

Aerobic Conditioning Work-WK5

Week 5
Row 2x750m row (500m moderate, sprint the last 250m) then 2×500 (moderate 250m, sprint last 250m) rest 3 Mins bewteen rounds Goal is to keep each portion of the rows the same.
Assault BIke 4 Rds 90s Easy 30s Hard Rest 3 Mins Add a round, Harder should be Harder than last time.
Endurance 14 min Row 60-70% Same pace or slightly faster than last 12 min row.

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