Coaches Corner: Getting Your Head in the Game

//Coaches Corner: Getting Your Head in the Game

Coaches Corner: Getting Your Head in the Game

What role do you believe mindset plays in having a “successful” or positive experience in CrossFit?

Shane: Mindset is everything. So many people get caught up in the right now and forget that it’s a “process.” It takes time to become strong, it takes time to become flexy, and it takes time to learn, especially about yourself. CrossFit is so much more than pull-ups, or squat weight, or Fran times.
Those who truly embrace CrossFit learn things about themselves that they never knew. CrossFit is patience, CrossFit is laughter, CrossFit is pain, CrossFit is humility, CrossFit is fun, CrossFit is hard work, and so much more. Accepting that it is supposed to be all of these things, and more, helps to build that positive mindset. That positive mindset helps us to grow in the gym, outside of the gym, and most importantly in the biceps.

What is your opinion on comparison/having a competitive mindset in the gym (Where do you think it encourages progress, and where do you think it hinders growth)?

Shane: I truly believe that a competitive nature is key to growth. I dont believe that it always has to involve another person though. You may be competitive with yourself, maybe with someone else whom you are trying to beat, or maybe it’s a buddy. For some, “competitive” is the drive/desire to just be great whether it’s in times on the board or in movement patterns. Don’t settle, always want more, always be willing to learn, and ALWAYS be coachable. I believe that being OVERLY competitive can hinder progress or result in distancing yourself from others. These people lose sight of why they started and become so wrapped up in the numbers that it actually affects the gym negatively. My advice, stay humble, laugh a little bit more, realize that it’s not the beginning or end of the world. Don’t let the numbers define who you are as a person. Stay true to you, crush shit, and have fun while doing it.

Where do you see people getting hung up the most in regards to mindset and the way they view CrossFit ?

Shane: People begin to lose sight of why they started and they begin to get sucked into the numbers. They become so eager (which is great) but they forget that it’s a process and that greatness takes time. Anything in life that is awesome takes time, effort, and some damn patience. Work hard, work harder than others, accept that it’s supposed to be hard, and then pop a couple shots off with your arm cannons, ride off into the sunset holding a bald eagle made of high fives and American Steel while tipping your hat to a buffalo and cuddling a great white freaking shark.

If you could flip a switch and have everyone thinking the same about one thing (about CrossFit, not about your tan, or your taste in music) what would it be?

Shane: It’s okay that it’s hard. This a CrossFit!!! It’s supposed to be fucking hard.