July 2016

Bring a friend day


Bring a friend night is back and its going down on Thursday July 28th. All classes are free to try that day.   Our member referral program will be starting in August. For every member you refer to the gym that joins (completing our 101), you receive a free month at Shatter! Be sure to [...]

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November 2015

Odd Objects


What's the deal with odd objects? Today, as some of the warm up through out the day, we tossed wall balls over pull up bars to our partner. Last week we did Zercher squats with sandbags. And then there's Strongman class and all their toys (stones, the yoke, battle ropes, the log, etc)...  Why you ask? How does doing [...]

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October 2015

The CrossFit Woman’s Creed


Because Women out number Men at Shatter. Because we've seen women at Shatter do things men can't. Because we're inspired, every day, by the ladies we sweat with. Because we've watched women at Shatter realize their potential and learn never to settle. We are proud to have all of you with us in the Shattersphere

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September 2015

For Your Viewing Pleasure


We're headed to bed early tonight, but for those of you who aren't... Here are some fun videos of some CrossFit badassery! Enjoy and have a great weekend! Rich Froning Snatches 305# CLB Completes "Amanda" at 135# Annie On The Open Nobody Slaps Noah Olsen's Mama We <3 Masters Athletes Strongman Brian Shaw Meets CrossFit [...]

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Strongman Competition


  This past Saturday, September 12th, Jessica and Cean went to Syracuse, NY to compete in the Orange Elite Strongman competition. This meet not only had some of the best Strongman athletes in the state, but throughout the nation as well. The five max effort events for the day included a yoke walk, max axle [...]

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