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July 2017

A Few Simple Steps to Make Meal Prepping Easier


Shane Healy Owner at CrossFit Shatter How do we make this easier???That is a question that I have been asked numerous times. The simple, quick answer is that life isn't always easy and it doesn't always allow us the time we need to do the things that we want to do. We are continually dodging curve [...]

A Few Simple Steps to Make Meal Prepping Easier2017-07-24T08:36:02+00:00

Are You A Role Model?


Shane Healy Owner at CrossFit Shatter Everyone is a role model. Just not everyone is a good role model, but everyone is a role model. That means YOU are a role model. Whether you are a firebreather hitting up podium finishes or you just walked in today and have never lifted a weight, YOU are [...]

Are You A Role Model?2017-07-24T08:34:39+00:00

I’m an expert but have never tried it?!?!


Shane Healy Owner at CrossFit Shatter We HAD to share this post from T-Nation!! CrossFit: If you’re going to argue against it, at least know what the heck you’re talking about. Otherwise you sound as bad as jogger trying to educate a powerlifter about the drawbacks of benching. Here are the exact grievances copied and pasted [...]

I’m an expert but have never tried it?!?!2017-07-24T08:31:19+00:00

Meal Prep – Breakfast Quiche


Shane Healy Owner at CrossFit Shatter Quiche is defined as “a baked flan or tart with a savory filling thickened with eggs”. My idea of a breakfast quiche is simply tossing an omelet into a pie dish, with or without a crust and popping it into the oven. Breakfast quiche can be eaten cold, reheated [...]

Meal Prep – Breakfast Quiche2017-07-24T08:29:57+00:00

Quick and Easy Chicken Salad


Shane Healy Owner at CrossFit Shatter Quick and easy seems to be most popular (and I don’t blame you). This chicken salad will come together quickly so you can get on with your busy life. Minimal ingredients and minimal time needed to get it done. And its TASTY!! Ingredients: Ready to Go Rotisserie Chicken (you [...]

Quick and Easy Chicken Salad2017-07-24T08:27:30+00:00

Protein Quick Facts


The name protein is derived from the Greek word "protos", meaning first, primary, or most important. Getting plenty of protein has many advantages: 1.) protein has a higher thermic effect — our bodies have to “rev up” to digest it (you’ll know this if you’ve ever gotten the “meat sweats” after a big steak);... 2.) [...]

Protein Quick Facts2017-07-24T08:26:04+00:00

March 2017

CrossFit Shatter WOD for 3/30/2017


Strength: In 13 minutes work to a heavy push press + push jerk + split jerk WOD: In 16 minutes 50 calorie assault bike then 5rds 10 burpees 10 toes-2-bar (15 knee-ups) then 50 calorie assault bike Do it for the love!!

CrossFit Shatter WOD for 3/30/20172017-03-29T22:54:44+00:00

The Open: 17.5 Recap


And just like that, The Open is Closed. We made it through 5 grueling weeks of WODs from Castro and HQ. We saw dumbbells in the Open for the first time (twice), crushed some bar muscle-ups, had a repeat from last year and ended the season with thrusters. 17.5 was like Fran on Crack. If [...]

The Open: 17.5 Recap2017-03-29T10:51:33+00:00

CrossFit Shatter WOD for 3/29/17


Strength: 15 minutes power clean + hang power clean 3 @ 60% 2 @ 65% 2 @ 70% 2 @ 75% 2 @ 80% WOD: 15 minute time cap Partner Diane 42 dead lifts (225/155) 42 HSPU 30 dead lifts 30 HSPU 18 dead lifts 18 dead lifts Muscles are cooler than no-muscles

CrossFit Shatter WOD for 3/29/172017-03-28T22:40:30+00:00

CrossFit Shatter WOD for 3/28/2017


WOD: 50 minute time cap 2000m row 150 wall balls 100 burpees 50 thrusters 95/65 Consider this to be a hero WOD!!! -this will be hard -this will be extremely mentally challenging and most importantly -YOU CAN ALWAYS do just one more!!!! Join Shatter Today

CrossFit Shatter WOD for 3/28/20172017-03-28T00:04:13+00:00