Shane Healy

Owner at CrossFit Shatter

Everyone is a role model.

Just not everyone is a good role model, but everyone is a role model.
That means YOU are a role model.
Whether you are a firebreather hitting up podium finishes or you just walked in today and have never lifted a weight, YOU are a role model.

Someone, somewhere is looking up to you. Maybe they are aspiring to get their handstand walks like you.
Maybe they are aspiring to get off the couch like you.
Your attitude, your presence, your work ethic, your ability to deal with failure – someone is watching and learning all of that from you.
Someone is looking up to you, trying to be more like you, trying to be as strong and as fast as you.
Trying to succeed like you.
So there is only one real question.
Will you choose to be a good role model or a bad role model?