All for One and One for All: Working Together to Optimize Your Space

//All for One and One for All: Working Together to Optimize Your Space

All for One and One for All: Working Together to Optimize Your Space

One of the many reasons we love CrossFit, is the community. We get to see many of the same faces overcoming obstacles and cheering each other on while throwing weights, our bodies, and obscenities around on a daily basis. While it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the challenging WOD ahead and socializing with your “swole mates,” it is important to remember our individual roles in the community and how we must work together to keep the physical space of the community running smoothly and safely. As our community grows and we aim to keep everyone’s experience positive, we’ve put together a list of 6 simple things you can keep in mind to keep your CrossFit box running like a well-oiled machine:

1. Put your toys back where they belong. We get it. The WOD is over and you’re pumped up and probably still not sure if you’ve got a pulse running through your body or if you’re running on pure adrenaline and your heart might stop beating at any moment but, there is someone that needs to complete the workout after you. Be sure to leave your equipment better than you found it. That means, wipe your sweat and other bodily fluids off of anything you used and put it back where it belongs. That doesn’t mean put it back in the incorrect spot you took it from where someone before you left it, take the time and put things back where they belong; if you don’t know where that is, ask.

2. Leave the chalk in the bucket. For the love of God and all things swole, leave the chalk in the bucket. If the chalk happens to make its way out of the bucket, be courteous and see that it is returned to its home, or replaced. We all know how frustrating it is when you’re mid-workout in desperate need of chalk, and every bucket you go to is empty because someone decided to hoard the chalk. And, if you may or may not have taken the chalk out to use during class, make sure you clean up whatever masterpiece you created with said chalk.

3. Police your area during class. It’s all fun and games, until someone gets hit in the face with a weight, or trips over someone else’s kettle bell. And it goes both ways. Make sure you know where your equipment is for the workout about to take place (put any unnecessary weights or accessories away), and be aware of the space around you. Have a general idea of which way your neighbors are jumping in their burpee box jump-overs, where they’re going to be lifting their barbell in relation to you, and the space needed for double-unders. A quick 30 second scan of your space and communication with your neighbor can eliminate frustration during your workout and keep everyone safe and strong in the end.

4. Be ready. If you’re a “gear head” and need a different accessory for every movement of the day, that’s cool… Do you. But not at the expense of other people’s time (or even your own). Running back and forth to your gym bag can be a waste of time when class is moving quickly. Assess what you’ll need before class begins, and do what you need to to have it all ready before class starts.

5. Be on time. In an ideal world, everyone would be ready and waiting patiently as soon as class starts, but we understand that that isn’t always the case. Between work, traffic, kids, pets, and everything in between, we know being late happens (just don’t make a habit of it ;)). While we would still encourage anyone to come to class even a few minutes late, know that you should be ready to get down to business. The warmup is important and not to be skipped, and it’s also not ok to take time from those who were on time by asking questions that are answered on the board. Get to the white board, see what the warmup is, and start moving.

6. Be mindful, and respectful, of people participating in class. While doing extra work is always encouraged, and we love to see people doing accessory work outside of class, it is always important to remember that classes take priority in the space. When you are working on your out-of-class work, under no circumstances should you ever be in the same space as the members taking class. For instance, if the rig is being used in class, the rig is off limits during the time in class when the rig is needed. If you’re practicing muscle-ups on the rings, this should only be done during open gym hours throughout the morning or before the 4pm class, never during class time. An athlete participating in a class should never have to worry about needing to work around someone who is not participating in class. Also, if you are lifting weights or using a machine that makes any sort of noise, please be respectful of the coaches and the classes, and do your best not to add distraction or extra noise when coaching is taking place. If you’re unsure as to when an appropriate time would be to do something, feel free to ask a coach, or simply ask yourself, “could anything that i’m doing somehow disrupt, or cause any distraction, for the class taking place?” If the answer is “yes,” hold off on that work until a more appropriate time. 🙂

As always, if you ever have any questions regarding any of this, ask a coach. Our goal is always to enable every member to grow, thrive, and have an enjoyable experience within the walls of Shatter. The better we can work together to make the gym run smoothly, the more we can all benefit. 🙂