Established on April 2, 2014, we set out to make fitness fun, accessible, simple and effective. Over the years, we’ve knocked down walls (figuratively and literally), picked up lots of barbells, introduced new programs and made fitness a priority.

Our goal is to build a community of like-minded people who want to get really freaking fit!!!



Shane Healy
Shane HealyOwner, CrossFit Trainer, CF-L3

Shane works with each client on an individual basis, focusing on achieving long-term results through challenging and constantly varied workouts. He has worked with teams as well, having developed strength and conditioning programs for local high schools.
Shane holds a variety of CrossFit certifications, including Level 1 and Level 2, and specialties such as Kids, kettlebell, mobility and judging.

Angie Craig
Angie CraigCrossFit Trainer, CF-L2

Angie tried avoiding CrossFit for years, but finally dropped into Shatter with a friend. After her first workout, a half Murph, she was hooked! She realized this was a perfect fit after retiring from 11 years of rugby.

She got her Level 1 a year later and has coached both Bootcamp and CrossFit classes since. Now with her Level 2 certification, Angie’s favorite thing (besides burpees and thrusters) is watching people gain strength, both physically and mentally from CrossFit and the community it provides.
Brendan Jeffers
Brendan JeffersCrossFit Trainer, CF-L1
I was interested in CrossFit ever since they started showing the Games on ESPN, but I was always intimidated by the workouts and the price. Finally, while I was taking classes during a summer session in college in Boston, I pulled the trigger! I did a quick Google search and realized there was a box only a 10 minute walk away from my apartment. I took their intro session and was hooked!
My favorite movements to teach are any squat variation. There are a lot of points of performance and it has been very rewarding seeing members respond positively to my cues, improve their technique, and move better.
My secret talent – I can juggle!
Oriana Kiley
Oriana Kiley101 Boss, CF-L1
Originally from Queens/Long Island (holler!), I moved to the Capital Region when I started at Albany Law School in 2009. After which, I found a job and met my hubby – have stayed here ever since.
I had been working with a trainer for a while, but plateaued and wasn’t feeling satisfied with my workouts. My brother is a CrossFitter at CF Sanctuary and I decided to go with him, just to watch, while visiting. I fell in love with the energy and community – the athletes were sweaty and dead after a killer workout, but still laughing and slapping high fives – it looked awesome! Two days later, I signed up with the CrossFit closest to where I was living, and never looked back!
My favorite movement to teach is all things barbell! And my secret talent – I played the piano and studied music theory consistently from the time I was 5 until I graduated high school.
Jonathan Noonan
Jonathan NoonanCrossFit Trainer, CF-L1
I had become sick of the monotony of the globo gym, but at the time didn’t know where else to go. Fitness classes weren’t quite a thing just yet, or at least not the ones I would be interested in. Then a friend introduced me to CrossFit! My first WOD involved rowing and I definitely puked. I wasn’t yet used to the intensity of these types of workouts.
My favorite movement to coach is the Clean & Jerk! Its the perfect combination of technical skill and heavy weight.
Outside of the gym – I love hosting dinner parties and love cooking up some creative dishes!
Antoni Favata
Antoni FavataCrossFit Trainer, CF-L1
My passion for fitness started at a very young age! I’ve been working in the fitness industry for 10 years, so I’ve been aware of CrossFit since it’s inception. I began utilizing CrossFit style programming back in 2012 when I started Obstacle Course Racing.
My favorite movement to teach is the Butterfly Pull-up and my secret talent is holding a human flag, though its really not much of a secret!
JJ Papielion
JJ PapielionBarbell Guru, CF-L1, USA-W
I found CrossFit after two friends convinced me to come with them to a 101 class after I had told them all the reasons why I thought CrossFit was bad news. The only part of the workout I remember was the box jumps, and how Shane joked with me about how stiff my hip flexors were because of the way I had to bring my feet around the box to jump on it!
My favorite movements to each are all Olympic lifts because they are so elegant. I really enjoy coaching Shatter’s Barbell sessions and watching members make movement connections that have huge pay offs.
Matt Johnson
Matt JohnsonCrossFit Trainer, CF-L2

I walked into my first CrossFit Box in early 2013, I had just moved and was looking to meet new people and get in shape! I grew up playing all kinds of sports and parlayed that into college tennis.

I always thought I was in relatively good shape but then came CrossFit. I don’t remember what my first work out was but it was definitely humbling. I could barely walk the next day but showed up to class and have been hooked since.

My favorite part about CrossFit is the community. We workout together, encourage one another and finish together no matter what the WOD. Every movement is scaleable and can provide great fitness to everyone. All it takes is the willingness to give it a try, and once you do, you’ll gain a new respect for what your body can do.

Outside of the CrossFit world, I am a medical student at Albany Medical College. What drew me to medicine is the same thing that brings me to coaching. I love working with people and helping them get better(health and fitness go hand in hand!!!!!)

My goal at CrossFit Shatter is to help you be the best athlete you can be, whether it’s getting that one unassisted pull-up or snatching twice your body weight! I am always willing to listen, give a suggestion or learn from you!

Lucille Murphy
Lucille MurphyEvent Ninja, CF-L1

Lucille is a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer who has been doing CrossFit since April 2012. Throughout her career as both a high school and collegiate athlete, and high school coach, Lucille earned certifications from both FIFA (Level D) and USRowing (Levels I and II). Lucille has also completed the CrossFit Football Certification course.

Lucille has extensive coaching experience from her ten-year tenure with Saratoga Rowing Association, a nationally- and internationally-ranked competitive rowing team, where she coached adolescents, adults, and persons with physical and intellectual disabilities. A graduate of Mercyhurst University (2007), Lucille earned a B.S. in Business Administration and currently works for Saratoga Springs City School District. She is also the proud mom of her daughters, Audrey and Della.

Christina MamoneSystem Master

Bio coming soon!


CrossFit is constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement. The constant variation is designed to develop your physical skills across a broad range of movements and activities. CrossFit specializes in NOT specializing, in order to prepare you for the unpredictable and unknowable.

The high intensity is necessary to cause an adaptation, or change in our bodies. We get stronger, faster and more powerful as we train at intensity. Without it, we simply don’t progress.

Functional movements are those that echo and amplify the kinds of movements we use in everyday physical tasks. Holding our bodies safely in different positions, lifting and moving objects, throwing and jumping, running and swimming.

Most importantly, functional movements are those that allow us to move large loads, long distances, SAFELY, EFFICIENTLY AND QUICKLY.

CrossFit is for everyone who wants to get stronger, faster, more powerful, leaner, more toned, more agile, balanced and stable, and more coordinated.

The needs of elite athletes and grandparents differ only by degree, not kind.  The functional movements we use are the same, only the loads and intensity are different.

It is! But not in the way that you think…CrossFit is difficult in 2 ways:

  • When we are learning a new and unfamiliar movement or exercse
  • When the training becomes more intense than we are used to

Difficult is nothing to be sacred of; all real training involves difficult as we learn new skills and reach for new heights. The good news is that all CrossFit exercises are scalable to your present ability. To begin with, you will focus on the mechanics of the exercises. Once you become skillful enough at each exercise, we then increase the intensity and load, relative to your abilities. As you develop even more skill in the movements, we can add more intensity. As intensity increases, you will get stronger, faster, more powerful.

The movements of CrossFit workouts involve a significantly larger number of muscles than exercises done on machines or in a typical gym routine. The workouts are short and intense, which means you will burn a large amount of energy in a short period of time. Coupled with eating the right types of food, losing body fat is inevitable! However, we treat fat loss as a side-effect of increased functional performance and healthy eating. As your strength, power and speed increase and your nutrition improves, the way you look will reflect that!

The WOD is the Workout of the Day, a central expression of CrossFit and a measure of your constant progress.  It will rarely repeat and sometimes you might never see a particular WOD again. The WOD keeps your body adapting by challenging it every day with something new. This constant, daily variation is what makes CrossFit so much fun for many and is one of the great motivating factors. Constant challenge + constant change = never bored!

The WOD is also an expression of community. You are training hard with others. This brings a dimension to your workout seldom seen in big gyms; the achievements of your companions will spur you on as much as your own!

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