A few months back we held a 12-week challenge. It was nothing more than incredible to not only watch these athletes push themselves in the gym but also in the kitchen.
The dedication and creativity that was used to hit goals and to surpass plateaus was legendary!!

Below is an interview the Challenge Winner! 


Eddie won our most recent challenge at Crossfit Shatter. We had _SHANE HOW MANY PEOPLE PARTICIPATED?_ participants over the course of 16 weeks. Each participant started by getting their InBody Results here at the gym then at the end we used InBody to test the results. 

Everyone did amazing with an overall body fat percentage loss of 7% and lots of improvement in performance in strength and endurance.

Eddie was kind enough to answer some questions we had about what worked for him during this challenge. You can find Eddie WODDING with the 4pm class most days with his wife Marlo. They have been members since 2014 and continue to crush the wods and be an inspiration to their fellow athletes.


What made you sign up for the challenge? 

Marlo and I have been counting calories/macros for a while but we were going to ask Shane for help. We were stuck in a rut and needed something different. We were going to ask Shane if we paid him if he could help with diet and let us know how we could improve it.  So when he released the information about the contest and everything that was included we signed up.


What lifestyle changes did you incorporate? 

We were already counting macros, the biggest change was how we approached the weekends.  We never had any food/meals prepped for the weekend so we would diet all week and once the weekend came it was a free for all.  We would eat pizza, ice cream and fast food all weekend and all of the weight we lost during the week we would gain right back every weekend.

What was your eating plan? Did you count macros? Did you cook at home? 

we counted macros and I would prep all of the food at home.


How did you deal with anything that came up during the challenge that felt like a challenge or obstacle? how did you stay the course? 

I think the hardest part is trying to eat 100% clean.  in the beginning we would have a cheat meal once a week and that was nice, it kind of gave us something to look forward to.  after the first month we decided to push the cheat meals to every 2 weeks and that was extremely difficult.


Do you think these changes are sustainable? 

I believe they are.  I’ve been food/meal prepping for years and by not going out as much we are saving a lot of money.

Were you surprised by your results at the end? 

 I was surprised by the total amount that i lost, the second month I didn’t see much change and that made me work harder to try losing more body fat.

What is the most significant change in how you feel? Are you sleeping better? performing better? 

overall i feel a lot better, definitely feel like I move better during better during WODs.

How did you and Marlo team up to succeed on this challenge?  

 I think the biggest help was that we were both in the challenge.  both of us ate the same thing everyday which made it easier to meal prep and to track of our macros.

What’s your next fitness goal? 

We are going to strength train and work on gymnastic movements.    After a couple of months we will start another cut.

Congrats to Eddie for crushing this challenge!!!!!