How to stay on track this summer – tips and tricks


Do you have a pool party/bbq every weekend of summer and a vacation planned as well and it seems impossible to keep your eating on track? It can feel overwhelming to be in those situations sometimes and still try to eat well.

People may question why you aren’t eating the burger with the heavy fat laden potatoe salad and the desserts. Take a big breathe . . .remember -eating well and not eating to the point you feel sick is self care and is not selfish. If you may be around people who just trigger you regarding your diet or if you’ve lost weight then first  -breathe (hahahah, count to 10 and srsly breathe) and have a couple replies in your mind. Then move on to another conversation as quickly as you can.


Some other more practical tips is bring your own food! When you bring your own food you take out the guesswork of what you are eating.



Parties and Get Togethers

Fruit kebabs! Fun and tasty

Dip for fruit – low fat cool whip with pudding mix in it and whip it all together for a low cal dip

Veggie Platter with dip or hummus  (look at the calories on some dips. You can also make your own)

Salads – bring any variation of salads (spicy cucumber, greens with chickpeas and avocado and a dressing, orzo salad with lots of spinach and kale in it)

Chocolate dip with fruit

Grilled veggies

Tomatoes,cukes with some fresh basil and vinegar and olive oil.


Eat something before you go out to social settings and that way you won’t be so hungry you overindulge.


Drinks  – this is a toughie because it’s easy to drink your calories. Spiked seltzer is a great alternative to beer. It has less calories and carbs. White wine with lots of ice . .. keeps it cool and waters it down. Drink water while drinking alcohol to stay hydrated and full and pace the alcohol.



Vacations are def a time to enjoy and that includes food, especially regional dishes and foods. Usually vacations include some sightseeing and adventures so make sure to plan for bringing snacks to fuel all that. Trader Joe’s has tons of snacks like dried fruit, nuts. You can bring protein bars (none of these take up a ton of space either) you can also portion out some protein powders to bring along. A little planning will go a long way in being prepared and staying healthy and not getting hangry while doing all the sightseeing.



Ways to curb cravings at home


Cut up fruit and put it in seltzer or water.

Make an iced tea using fruity teas – add in a drop of honey and some ice or add in some lemon. (you’re welcome I just saved you $4.50 for the same thing at starbucks and with less calories.

Dip berries in yogurt then freeze them for a treat.

Mix frozen fruit with some milk (add in some yogurt or cool whip) blend it up (add in whatever you like) then you have an ice creamy dessert.

Raw Veggies!! Cut up those veggies and chomp away.


What are some of your go to ideas? Remember it is all about balance . .some times you are going to swing over to side of being indulgent and that’s ok. It doesn’t have to mean throwing in the towel or feeling bad. Making good memories of this season is important. You can also prepare yourself to make good choices though by thinking out recipes and snacks and making sure you are getting in time to move your body and get your heartrate going.