The 2018 CrossFit Open Season has come to a close! We made it! We survived!!

CrossFit Shatter had a record number of participants at Shatter this year with just shy of 80 athletes!! Some incredible things happened for the Shattersphere:
-Almost a dozen members took on The Open for the first time- some were fresh from the 101 Program, and other Bootcamp Defectors had been at it for a few months before registering! #NOFOMO
-Another dozen participants were able to say they went RX on all the WODs this year! Which means they made some serious gains over the last year, making c-2-b pull-ups their bitch, crushing heavier weights, and having no fear of HSPU or DUs!
-Close to 20 of our members “got a first”! Whether it was their first pull-up, first muscle up, or first handstand push-up, TWENTY people got to celebrate having done something they couldn’t before!
-And another dozen athletes hit a PR during this Open Season! New Clean, Deadlift, and maybe even Thruster numbers now live in the books, and set the bar higher than they had been coming in!

The viewing party went down every Thursday night for five weeks (we ate so much pizza!), so we could gather and predict, and then curse the CrossFit God’s when the announcement finally came! Friday Night Lights put us all on stage, as we set out to tackle what Castro had in store for us! With the help of Katie W and the other Shatter coaches, heats ran smooth, judges held us to standards, and people smashed their own expectations! Throughout the weekend, people showed back up to re-do their workouts. People came in with new game plans, and new mindsets, and new goals! Almost everyone that attempted a re-do improved their score, including a handful who were able to say they improved from a previous year on 18.5 (which was 12.5, which was 11.6!)!

CrossFit Shatter, as a Team, landed 51st on the Leaderboard! Our best showing yet!
Top athletes in Shatter this year on the Men’s side were:
JJ Papelion– landed 235th in the Northeast and completely SMASHED 18.2 with a time of 4:58
Kody Kowalski– finished 321st in the Northeast and hit a badass 296# clean on 18.2a while dropping in at CF Round Lake!
Shane Healy– our fearless leader was 62nd in the Northeast old man division (35-39), having stomped 2 thrusters into the round of 21 on 18.5 before the buzzer!

Top athletes in Shatter this year on the Women’s side were:
Jessica Campbell– landing well inside the top 100 in the Northeast at 74th! Not only did she hit 21 deads at 205, then she made that first 50 ft HS walk, hit another 15 deads at 205 and got 15 more feet upside down before the time cap!
Rochelle Cavanagh– finished 127th in the Northeast! She got all 12 ring MUs and another 7 bar MUs on 18.3!
Karli Hickling– This badass Mama landed 613th in the Northeast, she hit a 205# clean on 18.2a! #BabyMamaGoals!

The Open does magical things for its participants. It pushes you out of your comfort zone, and sometimes far past what you thought you were capable of. It makes you comfortable with the uncomfortable, lets you have fun with competition, and makes you realize how strong you actually are. The Open makes us thankful for the programming Shane makes us suffer through, and helps us set new goals in anticipation of the following year. Some of us might have a long list of things to work on in hopes of demolishing The 2019 Open, and others might have a smaller, more technical bunch of things (hello, handstand walks!), but either way, we all have a fresh sense of purpose and drive and determination moving into the spring!

We’re excited to watch Shatter athletes learn and grow, and continue to SMASH through their goals! Set the bar high! Shatter is comin for it!