The workouts have a purpose!!!

Some are meant to be sprints, some are meant to be hard and heavy, and others are longer and meant to be paced.

The workouts have a purpose!!!

Every class has the person that: Always goes too heavy, insists on attempting a skill movement when their max is three and workout consists of 3 rds of 20, or the person that always goes out too fast and hard and ends up dying 4 minutes into a 20 minute AMRAP.

The workouts have a purpose!!!!

Sprint: typically a 5 min. or less AMRAP or couplet (2 movements) with descending reps (ex: Fran, 21-15-9 thrusters and pull-ups). Goal is to do all movements close to unbroken and feel emotionally and physically devastated at the end.

Chipper: usually a larger rep scheme (ex: Jackie, 1000m row, 50 thrusters, 30
pullups). Still fast, this isn’t a leisurely stroll through the park. Movements must be slow and steady. Neither the weights of the barbell or skill should play a factor in being able to move. At the right pace, movement should not stop.

The Heavy Grinder: heavier weight, less reps. Frequently a higher weight on the barbell is coupled with a cardio component to keep intensity high (ex: 8 Clean and Jerks 155/125, 10 burpees, 12 cal assault). The workout is still an attack on the lungs with the cardio components, but the breath is caught in slowing down during the C&Js. Little rest between reps, but the goal is to maintain a steady pace, not a sprint or unbroken. Move with purpose.

The workouts have a purpose!!!

Weight or skill should never play a factor in whether or not you can continue moving. Quick breaks to shake out and reset are often necessary when grip and muscles fatigue, but knowing the purpose of a workout, and STICKING TO PRESCRIBED STIMULUS, is what will make you a better athlete. Trying to prove something by lifting a weight that is too heavy, or trying to practice double unders in a workout when you can’t do more than 20 unbroken at a time, will not only leave you frustrated, but it will indefinitely halt your overall progress.

If you’re unsure of what to do, find a coach and ask!!!

Preserve the stimulus. Practice skills outside of class. See results over time.