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May 2017

Eyes on the prize, and the whys.


"Eye on the prize..." It seems to be, the longer we do something, the easier it is to forget why we started. Most everything we do in life, we do for a reason. Whether it’s to please other people, prove a point, change our current life situation, or simply to get from point A to [...]

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Superhuman Spotlight: Amanda


How long have you been doing CrossFit, and in 10 words or less, describe what you love about it? Amanda: Almost 4 years. It pushes me! It reminds me that I can accomplish anything no matter what is in front of me. What has been your biggest CrossFit struggle that you've had to overcome/are still [...]

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Coaches Corner: Zak


Tell us a little bit about your CrossFit journey; why you started and why you decided to become a coach. I first looked into Crossfit when I was in graduate college and short on time. I had been a regular at the local globo-gym and was looking for a different flavor of fitness. It took [...]

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