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April 2017

The Ultimate Trifecta of Strength


  When talking about strength, most of the time people are referring to physical capability to lift or move heavy objects. However, there are several measures of personal “strength,” including physical strength, mental toughness, and the “heart” or desire to press on and succeed. Physical strength, aka POWER, is dictated by the amount of weight [...]

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With the Open behind us and Regionals coming to town, now is a better time than any to reflect on how your Open went for you. Did you crush everything like you had planned? Was there something that held you from going RX? Could you have done better? How you approach the next 11 months [...]


Superhuman Spotlight: Member #1


Price has been showing up since Day 1 of CrossFit Shatter, and we're excited to learn a little bit more about why he continues to CrossFit, and who his chosen CrossFit Games team would be, when he makes it there in 2020! ;) How long have you been doing CrossFit, and why do you continue [...]

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Coaches Corner: Lucille 


How long have you been coaching, and what do you love most about it? Lucille: I've been coaching CrossFit since Shatter opened in April of 2014. I really only coach the 101 Program; teaching the basics has kind of been my thing for a long time, even prior to CrossFit. I love watching people grow [...]

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Behold, AssaultWOD! 


Whether you're a spinner who wants a bit more action, a runner who wants some cross training without the impact, a strength trainer who wants some cardio, someone who wants to dip their toe into CrossFit without the heavy weights and more complex movements, or a just a normal human looking to be super fit, [...]

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Shatter Summer Shred Sesh


Spring is here, and that means one thing. Summer is coming, and it's time to shed those winter pounds that snuck up on most of us, and we have come up with a plan to do just that. The Shatter Summer Shred Sesh is a 60 day challenge, designed to help you get on track [...]

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Three Year Anniversary


Three years ago yesterday (4/1/14) we opened our doors!! This has been the most rewarding and incredible experience of my life. We couldn't be more proud of our community and the growth we've seen! Hundreds of people have come though our doors, new equipment has shown up, walls have come down, and there are bigger, [...]

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