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October 2016

CrossFit Shatter WOD for 11/1/2016


Strength: Front squat 2x5 @ 65% [email protected] 70% Skill: 50 T-2-B as fast as possible WOD: For time 50 wall balls 1000m row 50 wall balls 2k assault bike Aerobic Conditioning Work-WK5 Week 5 Row 2x750m row (500m moderate, sprint the last 250m) then 2x500 (moderate 250m, sprint last 250m) rest 3 Mins bewteen rounds [...]

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CrossFit Shatter WOD-O-WEEN for 10/31/2016


Strength: snatch 65%/2 70%/2 (75%/2)3 (80%/1)4 WOD: For time 50 cal assault bike 30 thrusters 75/55 10 muscle-ups* *sub 4 rds of 5 pull-ups + 5 push-ups Get Started Now with CrossFit Shatter

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Barbell Club


"HUGE shoutout to the Barbell Club members who just wrapped up an amazing 9-week training cycle! It takes a lot of hard work and determination to devote time into being better especially with the demands of Olympic Lifting and for the past 9 weeks, members have proved they are willing to do just that. Thank [...]

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CrossFit Shatter WOD for 11/29/2016


Bench Press: 3 x ME @ 135/95 (scale to a lower wt if the first set is 12 reps or below) and 3 x ME ring rows WOD: 15-12-9 wall balls 25/20 T-2-B assault bike calories Get Started Now with CrossFit Shatter

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CrossFit Shatter WOD for 10/28/2016


Strength: 3x5 back squat @ 80% of 1RM WOD: 5 - 3 minute rounds* 250m row 10 burpees 10 hang power cleans 155/105 rest the remaining time Get Started Now with CrossFit Shatter

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CrossFit Shatter WOD for 10/27/2016


EMOM 10 odd- 12 OH lunges 135/95 even- 12 kipping chest-2-bar pull-ups WOD: 1000m row 30 KBS 20 box jump overs 10 HSPU rest 2 minutes 1000m row 10 KBS 20 box jump over 30 HSPU Get Started Now with CrossFit Shatter

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CrossFit Shatter WOD for 10/26/2016


Strength: 2(1 hang power clean + 1 hang squat clean) 185/135 every 30 seconds for 6 rounds WOD: With a partner: "Bergeron Open Test" Doubled 100 wall balls 100 DU 80 Box J 80 T-2-B 60 chest-2-bar pull-ups 60 burpees 40 power cleans (145/100) 40 jerks (145/100) 20 power snatch (145/100) 20 muscle ups Get [...]

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CrossFit Shatter WOD for 10/25/2016


Strength: L-sit shoulder press* (except use a barbell w/same weight) 3x12 + 3x8 dumbbell rows * (I love this guy) *perform one L-Sit press set and then immediately a set of dumbbell rows WOD: Patty's Birthday Bonanza For Time: DU and Box J 50-25 40-20 30-15 20-10 10-5 Get Started Now with CrossFit Shatter

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Bring A Friend Day


Bring a friend night is back and it's going down on Thursday November 3rd. All classes are free to try that day and the workouts will be designed for everyone at all levels of fitness.  Now is the perfect time to grab a relative, friend, or someone that needs a change.   For every member [...]

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CrossFit Shatter WOD for 10/24/2016


Strength: 4x1 complex @ 75-80% of 1RM power snatch complex = 1 power snatch + 1 hang snatch WOD: 27-21-15-9 OHS 115/80 Bar facing burpees --inspired by MisFit, tested by Eva, approved by me Get Started Now with CrossFit Shatter Aerobic Capacity Stuff: Week 4 Week 4 Endurance Row 5x500m Row Rest 2 Mins between intervals [...]

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