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July 2016

CrossFit Shatter WOD for 8/1/2016


Happy August 1st!!! Reminder: This month's 101 begins tomorrow night at 6:30pm. It will run every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:30pm. If you have any questions please feel free to send us an email - [email protected] Strength: In 10 minutes work to a heavy snatch then 4 x (3 position snatch) @ 65-70% -floor, [...]

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CrossFit Shatter WOD for 7/30/2016


Happy Saturday!!! WOD: Partner Fight-ish Gone Bad-ish* 3RDS 1:00 Wall Balls (20/14) 1:00 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (75/55) 1:00 Box Jumps (20″) 1:00 Push Presses (75/55) 1:00 Rowing for Calories *one partner works while the other rests Get Started Now with CrossFit Shatter

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CrossFit Shatter’s Bring A Friend Day


Yay!!!! Today is Bring A Friend Day. Here are a couple of way to make this go as smooth as possible for you and your friends. 1.) Arrive early so waivers can be signed. 2.) Introduce them to the coach before the class's polite. Also, introduce them to your other CrossFit buddies. 3.) Make [...]

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Don’t Forget The Fun


Don't forget the fun. That is what it's all about right? Having fun, getting fit and healthy, making friends, pushing limits. Don't get caught up in everything that isn't working out. Don't let a few unattained skills ruin every workout. So you don't have double unders or pushups or muscleups or rope climbs or huge [...]

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CrossFit Shatter WOD for 7/27/2016


CrossFit Shatter WOD for 7/27/2016 Strength: EMOM 10 3 position clean (floor, floor, hang power) @65% of 1RM clean WOD: 15 minute AMRAP 18 Back rack lunges 12 chest-2-bar pull-ups 300m run Get Started Now with CrossFit Shatter

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CrossFit Shatter WOD for 7/26/2016


Reminder: This Thursday is Bring a Friend Day Strength: Work to a heavy single Front Squat WOD: 15 minute EMOM minute 1 - 2 power cleans + 3 push press minute 2 - 10 T-2-B minute 3 - 15 cal row Accessory Work: 3/2 MU every 30 seconds for 10RDS Get Started Now with CrossFit Shatter

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CrossFit Shatter WOD for 7/25/2016


CrossFit Shatter WOD for 7/25/2016 Strength: 10RDS every 30 seconds 3 touch-n-go power snatches @ 60-65% WOD: For time: 3rds 12 OHS 155/105 9 burpees-over-bar 6 bar MU (sub 12 pull-ups) Accessory Work: 250m row x 4 *15 HSPU + 30 seconds rest between each round Get Started Now with CrossFit Shatter

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CrossFit Shatter WOD for 7/23/2016


Reminder: Bring A Friend Day is July 28th. It will be in effect for all classes. Bring A Friend Day also works for those that try to hate yet have never tried CrossFit. Bring them...and we will turn them. Strength: Strict Press 10 minute ascending rep EMOM @60% minute 1 -1 minute 2 -2 and [...]

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CrossFit Shatter WOD for 7/22/2016


Reminder: Thursday July 28th is Bring A Friend Day Strength: 2x7 back squat @ 94% of 7RM WOD: "Boston" Here is his story: Boston Schwamberger was a healthy and active three-year-old when suddenly in October 2012 he was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor known as DIPG. There are no successful cases of patients surviving [...]

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