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January 2016

CrossFit Shatter WOD for 2/1/2016


CrossFit Shatter WOD for 2/1/2016 HAPPY FIRST DAY OF FEBRUARY!!!! Tomorrows weather forecast is a high of 46 degrees w/ a slight chance of a sprinkle Strength: Snatch 2 touch-n-go snatch every 1:30  for 6rds WOD: 5 MIN AMRAP 8 hang power snatch 8 burpees to a 6" target REST 2 MIN 4 MIN AMRAP [...]

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CrossFit Shatter WOD for 1/30/2015


CrossFit Shatter WOD for 1/30/2015 Strength: 10 MIN EMOM 3 OHS(70-75%) + 5 chest-2-bar pull-ups WOD: Partner Awesomeness* 54 - 27 (row and front squat) 42 - 21 (row and push press) 30 - 15 (row and front squat) 18 - 9 (row and push press) *broken up any way you like Get Started Now with [...]

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CrossFit Shatter WOD for 1/29/2016


CrossFit Shatter WOD for 1/29/2016 Strength: Back Squat 5x2 pause squat(2 mississippi) @ 80% WOD: ANNIE 50-40-30-20-10 DU and abmat sit-ups

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CrossFit Shatter WOD for 1/28/2016


CrossFit Shatter WOD for 1/28/2016 Today we will be taking a time out of the skill work to concentrate on the wod. WOD: DIRTY THIRTY 30 box jumps 30 chest-2-bar pull-ups 30 KBS (71/53) 30 toes-2-bar 30 push jerks (155/105) 30 dead lifts (175/125) 30 wall balls (25/20) 30 burpees to a 6" target (CrossFit [...]

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Heal Your Lower Back Pain


Lower back pain can suck big time. That achy soreness that can sideline even the strongest athlete. The following gives some great yoga poses to help you with low back pain. What's better than being able to tackle your recovery from home, little/no equipment required?! Read on, and give these movements a try if you've [...]

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CrossFit Shatter WOD for 1/27/2016


CrossFit Shatter WOD for 1/27/2016 Strength: 15 min power clean EMOM* MIN 1-3 (5) touch-n'-go power cleans MIN 4-6 (3) T-N-G MIN 7-9 (3) T-N-G MIN 10-14 (1) every 30 seconds MIN 15 - max effort cleans * increase the weight each "RD" so that the singles are done at 75-80% -avoid the star fish [...]

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CrossFit Shatter WOD for 1/26/2016


CrossFit Shatter WOD for 1/26/2016 Strength: 3x5 Barbell Rows & Push Press After every working set- 6-8 Pendlay Rows @ 20% less WOD: 3 RDs 8 Burpees Over the Bar 16 Thrusters 24 cal Row   Accessory Work: 3x500m Row, after each row go into Max Effort HSPU, rest 2 min after you come off [...]

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Simple Solutions to Shoulder Pain


**Disclaimer: This post is adapted from a Breaking Muscle blog post. We suggest seeking out a professional opinion if you're ever in considerable pain!!** Shoulder pain sucks. If you’ve been lifting for any significant amount of time, then you’ve likely felt it. Maybe it was just a little pinch in the front of your shoulder. Or [...]

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CrossFit Shatter WOD for 1/25/2016


CrossFit Shatter WOD for 1/25/2016 Strength: Snatch 5 sets at [email protected] 1 power snatch + 1 hang power snatch + 1 snatch balance WOD: pull-ups and OHS Min 1: 8 pull-ups Min 2: 8 OHS Min 3: rest -as many rounds as possible with the reps increasing by 4 each round (8,12,16, etc) Accessory work: [...]

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Meal Prep: Quick Chicken Salad


Quick and easy seems to be most popular (and I don't blame you). This chicken salad will come together quickly so you can get on with your busy life. Minimal ingredients and minimal time needed to get it done. And its TASTY!! :) Ingredients: Ready to Go Rotisserie Chicken (you know, the kind that's already [...]

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