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December 2015

Embrace the Burpee


It’s the exercise everyone loves to hate, and yet, time and time again, we suck it up and embrace the burpee! Buck Furpees, as the not-so-elegant saying goes. Burpees are a simple, straightforward movement. Drop down to the ground in a pushup position, chest and thighs to the floor. Get back up to a standing [...]

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CrossFit Shatter WOD for 12/31/2015


CrossFit Shatter WOD for 12/31/2015 Skill: 4rds of 2 rope climbs (hardest version) Rope climb instruction Rope climb scaling options WOD: 15,000 meter ROW (click here for some tips) * *grab a buddy and attack Flexible Dieting Get Started Now

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CrossFit Shatter WOD for 12/30/2015


CrossFit Shatter WOD for 12/30/2015 Strength: Work to your heaviest complex: 1 power clean 1 push jerk 1 front squat 1 split jerk WOD: 12-9-6 strict HPSU, squat cleans, burpee's rest 2 min 9-6-3* Same movements as above *increase weight for the clean, increase the box height Accessory Work: DU and GHD 42-21 30-15 18-9

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Goal Setting


Brace yourselves. New Year's Resolutions are coming! When people start to dream up their wants, needs, and goals for the new year, most miss the most important part of goal setting- making a plan! Its easy to say "I'm going to PR my clean" or "This year I'll finally do muscle ups!" Hell, I can [...]

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CrossFit Shatter WOD for 12/29/2015


CrossFit Shatter WOD for 12/29/2015 Srength: Complete 50 reps of bench press @ 75-80%* *every time you rack, complete 10 hollow rocks, 20 sec hollow hold, and 10 abmat sit-ups rest as needed WOD: Fight Gone Bad 3RDS MIN 1 - wall balls MIN 2 - sumo deadlift high-pulls MIN 3 - box jump MIN [...]

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CrossFit Shatter WOD for 12/28/2015


CrossFit Shatter WOD for 12/28/2015 Strength: 10 MIN EMOM 1 power snatch + 1 OHS 80-90% of 1RM (pick a weight that you can successfully lift) WOD: 12 MIN AMRAP 30 KBS 20 box jumps 10 T-2-B Get Started Now   Macro Nutritional Coaching

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Warming Up and Stretching


If you don’t warm up or stretch, you aren’t optimizing your performance. Getting considerably stronger and staying that way is largely a matter of taking care of the details, such as training consistently, designing a program that fits your individual needs, eating wholesome foods, taking nutritional supplements, getting plenty of rest and so forth. Most [...]

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CrossFit Shatter WOD for 12/23/2015


CrossFit Shatter WOD for 12/23/2015 Strength: 1RM hang clean WOD: "American Dream" 20 MIN AMRAP 1 power clean 1 MU 2 power cleans 2 MU and so on......... Accessory Work: Eat a cupcake! Macro Nutritional Counseling Get Started Now  

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Hollow Rock and Superman


We've done the hollow rock and superman a million times in tabatas. But why? What is the deal with making us struggle to hold these positions? What do we gain? The core muscles are the building block of athletic movement. Most movements you perform through exercise or in your daily activities require use of core [...]

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CrossFit Shatter WOD for 12/22/2015


CrossFit Shatter WOD for 12/22/2015 20 MIN EMOM 3 jerks every MIN w/ increasing weight* *start at 95/65 or 65/45 and increase by 10-20lbs every min ** if at any point 3 jerks cannot be completed, switch to 3 L-Sit chin-ups for the remaining minutes WOD: 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 calorie row and dead lifts Accessory Work: 10 MIN [...]

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