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September 2015

CrossFit Shatter WOD for 10/1


CrossFit Shatter WOD for 10/1 Skill work: 10 Min EMOM odd: 8-10 t-2-b even: 6-8 hspu or shoulder press scale as needed WOD: 8 min amrap 4 snatches 8 burpees rest 2 min 8 min amrap 4 pull-ups 8 back rack lunges w/snatch weight accessory work: 9 min EMOM min 1 - 12 t-2-b min [...]

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The Importance of Accessory Work


Over the last few weeks, you've seen the addition of Accessory Work to the daily whiteboard. Sure, its scribbled down in the corner, but its still important. But what is it exactly, and why does it matter? If you really want to improve your numbers and your WOD times alike, if you have your eye [...]

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Shatter WOD for 9/30


Shatter WOD for 9/30: Strength: Complex- 1 Clean, 1 Hang Clean, 1 Front Squat; work to heaviest in 12 min, then drop to 85% and do two sets WOD: 40 Wall balls 30 KBS 20 Deadlifts Rest 1 Min 30 Wall balls 20 KBS 10 Deadlifts Rest 30 Seconds 20 Wall balls 10 KBS Accessory [...]

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Message from Squat Therapy


We wanted to share this post from Squat Therapy. This is a page and blog run by the former owner of Albany CrossFit and CrossFit Soulshine in Saratoga, Jason Ackerman. Many of our members know him, have trained under him, and/or had him as part of their CFL1 Training Staff. Jason writes: I was sitting [...]

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Shatter WOD for 9/29


Shatter WOD for 9/29: Strength/Skill: Push/Pull; Bench Press- 3x10 @ 75%, in between sets- max strict pull-ups WOD: 5 Rounds 4 C&J's 8 Box Jumps 32 DUs Accessory Work: EMOM- Strict HSPU, increasing reps 2, 4, 6, etc.; Must be unbroken; once you fail, work your way back down OR/AND 10 min EMOM- 4 MUs on [...]

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Shatter WOD for 9/28


Shatter WOD for 9/28: Strength: Snatch Complex; in 12 minutes- find max; 1 from the floor, 1 low hang, 1 high hang Then 2 min to hit two complex sets at 85% WOD: 11 min 3 Clusters 3 Burpees 3 Clusters 6 Burpees, etc. Clusters remain at 3 reps, Burpees increase by 3 Accessory Work: [...]

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For Your Viewing Pleasure


We're headed to bed early tonight, but for those of you who aren't... Here are some fun videos of some CrossFit badassery! Enjoy and have a great weekend! Rich Froning Snatches 305# CLB Completes "Amanda" at 135# Annie On The Open Nobody Slaps Noah Olsen's Mama We <3 Masters Athletes Strongman Brian Shaw Meets CrossFit [...]

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Shatter WOD for 9/26


Shatter WOD for 9/26: Strength/Skill: 10 min to establish 1RM Clean 8 EMOM- odd minutes 8-10 dips, even minutes 2 cleans at 80-85% WOD: 3 Rds 20 Single KB OH Walking Lunges 10 Burpees 20 S-2-OH 10 Burpees Accessory Work: 50 GHDs for time OR Tabata of parallette holds

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How to Rest in a WOD


In the midst of a metcon or a nasty chipper, the name of the game is time. How can we get through all the work we need to complete in the most efficient manner and post a time we can be happy with? Every second is valuable, every missed rep hurts, but perhaps the most [...]

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Shatter WOD for 9/25


Shatter WOD for 9/25: Strength: Snatch Complex; 1 from the floor, 1 from the power position WOD: 30 T-2-B 60 DUs 20 T-2-B 40 DUs 10 T-2-B 20 DUs Accessory Work: 50 alternating pistols, for time OR Tabata of OH holds    

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