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August 2015

Core Stability


The Core. When we talk about core exercises, we don't just mean doing a few GHD sit-ups and calling it a day. Core doesn't just mean your abs; it means your entire trunk- front to back, top to bottom. Your trunk is a stabilizer, transfers force and initiates movement. You need it to be strong! [...]

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WOD for Sept 1


BRING IT SEPTEMBER! Strength: Back Squat, heavy trio; then 3x1 @ 90 % of your trio weight WOD: 15 heavy cleans 30 burpees over bar 60 wall balls  

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WOD for Aug 31


Last day of August! Get it in!! Strength: Heavy trio of Cleans- 1st must be a Power, next two can squat if necessary WOD: 4 Rds 300 m Run 15 Pull-ups (If you can do at least 5 chest-to-bar pull-ups, you can sub pull-ups for 5 bar MUs)    

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Work Your Weaknesses


Work your weaknesses. Work your weaknesses. Work your weaknesses! In CrossFit, you cannot hide. When you are absolutely awesome at something, everybody knows it and it really shows. The same holds true when you are not so awesome at something (gee... thanks...). That is where you see one’s true colors shine. Fatigue truly makes cowards of [...]

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WOD for Aug. 28th


TGIF Shattersphere!! Strength: Work to heaviest possible Power Snatch and High Hang Snatch WOD: 6 RDS 10 KBS 8 Box Jump Overs 6 HSPU

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WOD for Aug. 27


OOPS! Sorry 6 a.m'ers for posting this late!   Strength: Deadlift; work up to 65-75% with a neutral grip WOD: Buy-in = 40 cal row, then... 20 Thrusters 40 DUs 10 Thrusters 40 DUs 20 Thrusters Buy-out = 40 cal row

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The Open: 6 Months to Prep


The CrossFit Open is a worldwide, online competition brought to you by The Mothership, CrossFit HQ. Anyone can register online and over the course of five weeks, can be ranked worldwide amongst their peers! Last year, HQ opened a Scaled Division to accompany the RX, Masters, Teen and Team Divisions. The madness begins at the end of [...]

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WOD for Aug. 26


ALERT! If you missed yesterday, because you're a cherry picker, your WOD for 8/26 will be "Mind Melt"... Strength: Back squat, heavy trio   WOD for non-cherry pickers: 21 Power Snatches 21 T-2-B 300m Run 15 Pwr Snatches 15 T-2-B 600m Run 9 Pwr Snatches 9 T-2-B    

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Hand Care


Calluses and blisters and rips! OH MY! We've all been there, and when it happens, we get bombarded with advice from all angles. Pop the blister, soak in salt water, take the skin off, don't take the skin off, super glue, shower with dish gloves on... But really, when we're wincing in pain and can't [...]

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WOD for Aug. 25- “Mind Melt”


"Mind Melt", Compliments of MisFit Athletics 20 Rounds 3 C&J (185/125) 6 Burpees to 12 inch target 9 Wallballs (20/14)   Yipeeeeeeeee!!!!!  

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