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July 2015

Accomplishments from 7/29/15


Let's celebrate yesterday's accomplishments! Despite the heat, the Shattersphere had a great day yesterday! We had a great turnout for all class times, and lots of happy campers after the strength! The WOD was a tough one, but we made it through and tested a movement that a bunch of us are either new to [...]

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Sunday Rowing


I would personally like to thank everyone who took time out of their Sunday to come row with me! Spending a short session focusing on one skill can work wonders for your understanding of the movement and your technique! During our Sunday Rowing sessions we worked on starting our drive with our legs, how we [...]

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Hamstring Flexibility


Mobility. A pesky little thing that holds us back from getting into proper position and hitting PRs. Your hamstrings are some of the biggest, most powerful muscles in your lower body, and  can do a number on your whole system if they're not in good health. By strengthening and stretching your hamstring muscles, you can achieve [...]

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Dip and Drive: Working on the Jerk


The Jerk. Watching elite athletes execute this movement makes us all think, "they make it look so easy!" So why do the rest of us seem to break down under the bar? Why aren't we throwing our body weight plus up over our heads?! Lets break it down...   The Dip. Anyone who has gone through [...]

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Summer Class Schedule Updates


Please be aware of a few updates to our class schedule... The evening Open Gym, 7:30-8:30 pm, will now end at 8 pm... The Saturday MashUp (10:15 am) is also on hold for the remainder of the summer... We have completed three Sunday's of great Rowing Sessions, but that's it for now on this skill. [...]

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Its Gonna Be A Hot One!


Time To Drink More Water! Have you checked the weather lately!? It gets HOT in the Shattersphere this time of year!! Time to get your hydration on point! If the only water you drink is from the water fountain at Shatter... you're not drinking enough water. Time to get it in! And if you're a [...]

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Kids Program Is Underway!


  Please Visit The CrossFit For Kids Link For More Information! Our CrossFit for Kids program is up and running!! We currently have a great group of 5-10 year olds hanging out with us on Sunday mornings from 10-10:45! We run, tumble, jump, throw water balloons at coaches and laugh a lot!! Shane teaches our [...]

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