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December 2014

CrossFit Shatter’s 1st Annual CrossMas Party!!


CrossFit Shatters 1st annual CrossMas party was a huge success. Members and visitors alike came to support each other and start a fun yearly tradition. This years WOD was a traditional 12 days of Christmas WOD but with a Shatter twist. I want to thank everyone for participating, bringing a dish or drink, and joining us [...]

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Video of 355# squat clean by Coach Shane #2


Coach #2 successfully hitting and demolishing a 355lb clean. For those that don't know, 355lb is an insane amount of weight! Its equal to ten 35.5lb kids, 473.333 3/4 pound apples, or part of a T-rex's leg. Congrats Brother!! #2 Clean PR <-- Click here to see #2 kicking ass!  

Video of 355# squat clean by Coach Shane #22014-12-24T07:52:47+00:00

Holiday Hours


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Our holiday hours are: 12/24/14-Christmas Eve 6am, 9am, noon. We will be closed for the rest of the day. 12/25/14-Christmas closed for Santa 12/26/14 no 6am class ;) 12/31/14-New Years Eve 6am, 9am, noon.  We will be closed for the rest of the day. 1/1/15-New Years Day [...]

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Happy Holidays, We are currently offering a BOGO deal for new 101 members or unlimited monthly CrossFit classes for new members. If you know someone or are that someone who is looking to kick start their fitness and begin a new journey towards health then please visit and search for CrossFitShatter. You can also [...]

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Fran, FRan, FRAN!!!


Congrats to Mondays warriors who tackled Fran for the first time and those that had a chance to re-live her assault on the senses... #crossfit #pullups #thrusters We had some amazing PR's today!!! Congrats to all!! We Survived... 21-15-9 for life

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Team Shatter


We're happy to announce additions to the Shatter coaching staff! Alberta and Anthony are currently "in training", shadowing Shane, and will be taking the CrossFit Level 1 in February! Be sure to make them work!! The more experience they get with answering your questions and helping everyone out, the better they'll be when flying solo running [...]

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Congrats to Shane and his completion of the CrossFit Level 2 course!!!


Over the weekend Shane completed his CrossFit Level 2 certification at Reebok CrossFit One. He was able to work with some of the best trainers and CrossFit athletes around to further his knowledge base so he could come home and help make Shatter even better at what it does. Congratulations Shane!! CrossFit Level 2 Staff! [...]

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